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About Us

SOL Moving Group, Inc is a well known family owned moving company with more than 50 years servicing to Puerto Rico and U.S. This family owned industry leader, headed by third generation president, Sofía M. Soldevila, with a dedicated team of sales representatives and on site supervisors who will give you direct assistance in your move or relocation at every step of the process, continuing our long standing tradition of excellent service.

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Offer the highest quality, timely, and efficient deliveries providing confidence that your personal and commercial belongings will arrive safe to its new destination.


SOL Moving Group sees itself in the leading edge of the local and international moving industry. It's efficient management strategies, extensive equipment inventory, up-to-date computer information, and wide variety of services assure us a top rank amongst the leading moving companies of Puerto Rico.


SOL Moving Group's main goal is to continue providing top quality service at competitive prices, being recognized as an economic, legal, social and environmentally responsible moving company and maintain our discerning, selective and satisfied group of clients.

We hope to be at your service in the near future!

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